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About Our Products


  Our SLP series classic streamline lighted On Air Signs and Recording Signs are the same signs we distribute to many radio stations, TV stations, government agencies and professional recording studios around the globe including many affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CNN, they are also utilized at many retail businesses, bars, restaurants, game rooms, home theater/media rooms, business presentations, trade shows, theatrical productions and movie productions.  We can customize your sign for FREE so if you are looking for a Stand By Sign, an Applause Sign, a Quiet Please Recording Sign or any other wording we do not show in our web store gallery just write the wording you prefer in the space provided during checkout, its that simple. 

  Our signs are hand made in the U.S.A from start to finish, the materials and craftsmanship incorporated into our signs far exceeds anything available elsewhere. Each of our fine cabinet are individually crafted cast aluminum utilizing aircraft grade aluminum alloy, they are heavy duty and made to last a lifetime.  The design is simply timeless and the streamline appearance looks fantastic.

  Our acrylic sign face inserts come in many color combinations and are virtually indestructible and if you ever want to change the phrase or wording on your sign we offer replacement inserts with free customization. 

We incorporate LED technology in all of our Pro Studio Signs.  Our LED's are super bright, very low wattage (7 Watts) and have a life rating of 60,000 hours + which translates into more than 7 years of constant use or up to 20 years with normal intermittent use. You will likely never need LED replacement.

We manufacture our signs with quality unsurpassed by any other manufacturer of pro audio commercial studio lighting PERIOD.


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