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Product Questions

  1. What will I get when I order a standard SLP model?

    A standard SLP model comes with our LED technology lighting, your choice of plug and cord or hardwire and your choice of wording and colors.

  2. I want to order 4 signs and want them all to be upgraded to wireless remote models should I order 4 wireless remote systems also?

    Yes, if you want all of them to be wireless you must order 4 wireless remote systems or if you only want one of them to flash you can order just one wireless system.

  3. How long should I expect the LEDs in my sign to function?

    Our LEDs have a lifespan of 60,000 hours which means our signs will operate for 7 solid years with continuous use and with average use the LEDs should last more than 12 years.

  4. I need a plug-in sign but I am from Europe, do you have plugs that work in Europe?

    Yes, we have plugs for Europe, Australia and the U.S.A. You have the option of choosing the plug type when you checkout.

  5. Why are the signs different prices?

    The price variations are soley for cabinet styles, polished, brushed or painted, other than the cabinet finish the signs are identical.

  6. What are the dimensions of the SLP model?

    They measure 14 inches long x 3.75 tall x 2.5 inches deep.

  7. What is the difference in a hardwire model and a 12 volt plug in model?

    Our hardwire model is shipped out with 2 wires extending out of the rear of the sign and are meant to be wired directly into a wall or electrical box, usually an electrician or a contractor installs this type of setup although some do it yourselfers are able to accomplish this themselves.  A 12 volt plug in model is simply a model that will plug directly imnto a wall outlet.  We offer plugs that work in N. American, Great Britain and wse offer a Euro plug as well. 

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  1. How long should it be before I should expect delivery of my sign after placing an order?

    Orders normally go out from 1 to 3 days after the order is received and standard shipping takes 3 to 5 days. If you need expedited service please let us know.

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